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I always ask myself each day, am I focusing on what others are doing? Am I worried too much of the changes around? Am I spending my TIME focusing on others behavior & actions? If the answer is YES. It is a RED alarm. Here’s sharing with you WHY?

 When we focus on others, could be peers, could be boss, could be subordinates, could be support groups, we are giving our attention to them. We are focusing on things that are controlled by them. It is like entering a Foreign territory without a VISA. What happens, one gets caught and gets expelled. The same happens with our thoughts. When one focuses on others he lets his own ground unguarded. His productivity immediately drops. His actions are dominated primarily based on his observation of others. Each one of us operate in different circumstances. Hence the thoughts, actions and responses of individual are different from other person.

 The best way to tackle this MYTH created by mind is to let go the thought. Re Focus on our own Goals. Have faith in the system. The Universal system. There is a Universal Law which states that “Anything that I focus on Expands”. This law doesn’t distinguish between Good or Bad. Hence if one focuses on BAD he receives BAD, when one focuses on GOOD he receives GOOD. Stick to Your ground and see the difference. Productivity is in content creation. Lay focus on content creation and soon you would be riding HIGH on being one of the highly productive and successful people. People would want to associate with you. You will be able to help people. Serving people is the ultimate goal we all are here for. When we serve others by law our needs get fulfilled. Milk when it is just about to boil rises from corners of vessel not from the center, the center automatically lifts itself………


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