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I always ask myself each day, am I focusing on what others are doing? Am I worried too much of the changes around? Am I spending my TIME focusing on others behavior & actions? If the answer is YES. It is a RED alarm. Here’s sharing with you WHY?

 When we focus on others, could be peers, could be boss, could be subordinates, could be support groups, we are giving our attention to them. We are focusing on things that are controlled by them. It is like entering a Foreign territory without a VISA. What happens, one gets caught and gets expelled. The same happens with our thoughts. When one focuses on others he lets his own ground unguarded. His productivity immediately drops. His actions are dominated primarily based on his observation of others. Each one of us operate in different circumstances. Hence the thoughts, actions and responses of individual are different from other person.

 The best way to tackle this MYTH created by mind is to let go the thought. Re Focus on our own Goals. Have faith in the system. The Universal system. There is a Universal Law which states that “Anything that I focus on Expands”. This law doesn’t distinguish between Good or Bad. Hence if one focuses on BAD he receives BAD, when one focuses on GOOD he receives GOOD. Stick to Your ground and see the difference. Productivity is in content creation. Lay focus on content creation and soon you would be riding HIGH on being one of the highly productive and successful people. People would want to associate with you. You will be able to help people. Serving people is the ultimate goal we all are here for. When we serve others by law our needs get fulfilled. Milk when it is just about to boil rises from corners of vessel not from the center, the center automatically lifts itself………


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The 1$ Deal!

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

Have you heard of some Management jerks settling for a 1$ salary at the position of CEO? What is this deal exactly? How does one settle for nothing?


The game isn’t that simple. Most of the CEO’s like the Iacocca’s or Vikram Pundit settle for a low remuneration with a purpose. The purpose is their strategy, vision and confidence to transform the future of a company. People ask what the heck, they must be getting something else. No, my dear! It’s a deal! 1$ it is. Yes, but there is something grand if they achieve their target. That will wipe off whatever they did not get and make them millionaires of even billionaires.


What is this deal?


At this position of a CEO, you are at the center of CHANGE. You impact the change, you shape the CHANGE, and you OWN the change. Usually when the company isn’t doing well or the economy is tough, sales are low, margins are low, and the market isn’t moving the company cannot afford high salaries. The CEO is the first person to demonstrate what is good for the company by taking a pay cut. This is followed by implementation of other cuts. The CEO role models the whole deal which is in favor of the company and its shareholders. The CEO then unveils his plan for the year, 2 years, or a decade depending on the strategy to take the company out of mess or to its next level. Some of the measures are, Cutting costs, increasing sales, finding high demand high margin products, reducing the cycle time, selling old assets, selling loss making or not moving products, restructuring the organization. Once these measures are in place the company starts making progress. With close monitoring, increased targets, motivation, role changes the whole environment becomes competitive. All the engines start firing in same direction. Profits slowly begin to rise. The profits are re invested partially. The CEO sets the tone for change and then waits for the sown seeds to harvest. Like the seasons of Life, not all seeds harvest. Some fall on the rock, while others are killed by the sun, yet there are those that give bumper crop. The CEO’s job is to cash in on these bumper crops, yet he never ignores those that yield low.


With the whole Vision transforming through that Decision and turning it in to Action backed by Motivation translating in to Evolution. The company soon rises to match up with the competition and eventually surpasses the competition.

 What is the CEO’s reward for doing all this?

 High salary? Profit sharing?

 Well, the highest reward is the Credibility that he creates by virtue of transforming the organizations fortune. This is exactly what Lee Iacocca did with Chrysler.

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Did you hear about the recent incident that happened in a city in Indiai? A well know bank branch was gutted down in fire. Lockers, documents, money, information all destroyed in one night. In the morning people flocked around to know what they have LOST? Most of them were OLD retired people that came with bank pass books or may be locker keys. Only to realize that all had vaporized. The whole scene was chaotic and unpleasant. Do you know this could happen with our Dad or Mom or our Uncle whose sole retirement money gets wiped out over night?  Or it could be us a couple of years down the line.


Now, this is an eye opener! One cannot prevent such incident from happening. However one can guard his assets. How?


First of all never keep your money in one place. Never invest only in one instrument. Keep photocopies of agreements in at least 2 places. Scan and keep documents. Teach our parents how to operate online account and also teach them about how to securely do it online.


Second, divest investment in multiple assets. It could be gold, land, FIXED deposits, debt instruments, commodities etc.


Third, with a small additional premium insure yourself and your family


Be safe be happy! 

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Jack and Master of all Trades

There’s a prominent verb that goes “Jack of all trades and master of none”. The author of this famous verb meant to emphasize the fact that a person achieves expertise provided he focuses his time, effort and attention on a particular area of skill. However, the limiting boundaries can well be diminished based on certain facts. These facts will bring in cheer for people who are striving to acquire diverse skills & excel. To solve this mystery lets focus on human mind. It is known that human mind is made up of conscience (conscious) part and sub-conscious part. Their proportion of strength in mind is disproportionately different. Sub conscious mind is 90-95% of human brain while the conscious mind is about 5%. The best utilization of human brain historically was done by a few genius, one of them being Albert Einstein who used about 4-5% of his brain while an average human brain utilization never goes above 1-2%. It is the sub conscious mind that evokes the natural response from a person through what is called as an Attitude. An attitude is formed out of recurring habits. It is also known that a human mind can store up to 125 Trillion facts. With this vast potential is it really True that a person can only master one skill? Doesnt seem to be. It is very much possible for a person to master multiple skills, do well in all of them, get recognized for his contribution in all the areas equally, more or less and yet be at peace. The question is How? Lets go back to history once again to establish the facts.

Many of us do not know that there have been people who mastered multiple skills and reached top of the ladder. They are called Polymath. Lets look at some of them:

1. Benjamin Franklin. Credited for being one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Franklin was also an author, printer, politician, inventor and scientist whose scientific contributions have influenced physics and electricity. Inventions by Franklin include bifocals, the lightning rod, the Franklin stove, the glass harmonica, the odometer, and the first public lending library in the United States.

2. Leonardo Da Vinci. Not only considered to be one of the best artists of all time, Da Vinci is also one of the most talented men who ever walked the Earth. He came up with the ideas for the helicopter, tank, solar power, calculator, and a theory of plate tectonics, in addition to painting famous works like The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa.

3. Issac Asimov. Asimov, the author or editor of over 500 books and 9000 letters and postcards, is published in nine of the 10 major categories in the Dewey Decimal System. He was a writer who was actually a prolific polymath, with great knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. Although he was multi-talented and could be classified as one of the most intelligent men of his time, he once noted that everyone should think highly of themselves: “And above all things, never think that you’re not good enough yourself.

4. Farhan Akhtar. Writer, director, actor, singer….

5. Akshay Kumar. Expert cook, leading Actor, martial arts specialist…

Do you want to be one? Here’s some tips that one can work on to be a successful Polymath (may be with small things to begin with):

  • Learn to focus on current things.
  • List down the skills you wish to master.
  • Set priorities to acquire those skills. Work on one skill at a time, master it and then go to the next one in the list.
  • Be good at managing your time. This will give you the space to multi task yet not lose focus.
  • Do what you like first.
  • Share with people your achievements, goals, passion. Their feedback will help you grow.
  • Dont bother too much about dream stealers. They are there to keep you in the same race as they themselves are in.
  • Be happy and don’t forget to celebrate every small success.

I wish the readers Good Luck to acquire & implement their desired multiple skills and try to be in the list of the Polymaths listed above.

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